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Fall Fever

Fall Fever:

A high cold tolerance mix consisting of winter wheat, forage pea, and radish. The soft red winter wheat has good resistance to disease and will green in early spring. Forage Peas are a fast growing cool season annual legume with stems that grow from 2 - 4 feet and produce nitrogen in the soil with their root nodules. Radish produce a large root system that pulls nitrogen and nutrients deep within the soil and bring them back to the surface for future crops. A mix that establishes very quickly and provides good ground cover. It attracts deer soon after germination, making it a favorite for bow hunting. Creates an ideal surface for frost seeding the following spring.


Ingredients: Winter Wheat, Winter Forage Pea, Daikon Tillage Radish

Attributes: High Cold Tolerance, High Soluble Protein, Very high in Carbohydrates

Soil Types: Widely adapted, pH of 5.2 or higher

Maintenance: Low maintenance Seeding Rate: 60 - 70 pounds per acre Planting Date: August - October Planting Depth: ½ - 1 inch deep