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Fixation Balansa Clover

Fixation Balansa Clover:

A cold - tolerant annual clover that establishes its robust root to support vigorous top growth. Flowers vary from white to pink and are attractive to bees. A nutritious and favored food source for deer and waterfowl. Crude protein levels range from 22% - 28%. Tolerant to drought, heat, shade, and low fertility soil types. Will grow through short periods of standing water. Thrives in acid - soils with low pH values. Suppresses weeds, prevents erosion, and keeps soil moist. Nitrogen collected is released into the soil for use by other crops. As a favorite of deer, Fixation can be fall sown or frost seeded. In the northern climate, the clover will remain dormant in the winter.


Soil Type: Wide variety of soils Seeding Rate: 8 - 10 pounds per acre Planting Depth: ¼ Inch

Planting Date: Fall and Frost