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  • HD 200 Mail Order Special

    HD 200 Ionic Deer Mineral Supplement


    Ionic is where it's at

    Ionic natural mine minerals have either a positive or negative charge that causes a dynamic equilibrium to take place allowing the body to facilitate changes to move nutrients to areas that need them and therefore leads to higher absorption by the body.



    With the high level of absorption, the well-mineralized body means a better immune and reproductive system also allowing bucks to reach their maximum genetic potential.

    HD200 has taken the idea of "deer mineral" to the next level with our raw, unrefined, natural mineral complexes in an ionic form.


    20 lb. bag HD 200 

    Ingredients: calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, sulfur, magnesium carbonate, iron sulphate, calcium phosphate, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, copper oxide, sodium selenite, selenium yeast, cobalt, potassium, magnesium mica, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, montmorillonite clay, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, vitamin A supplement, cherry flavoring.


    Looking for a larger quantities of HD 200??  Great!

    Call us at (844)544-BUCK and we can arrange to have a skid delivered to your door. 

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