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  • Horn Flakes

    Horn Flakes Regular, Gold, and Silver:

    A Feed supplement that contains all “non-gmo” grains roasted and rolled for easier digestibility with “microbials”, “probiotics” and “ionic” minerals to give a deer the best diet available to it. To get the maximum out of your deer herd supplement feeding is the best way to help your deer get the nutrition that their body needs. When your deer are totally healthy during antler growing season and fawning they can put all their energy towards antler growth and healthier fawns, as studies show that fawns shortly after birth it is already determined if it has a chance to reach its genetic potential and that will all depend on the body condition of the fawn. All three of our Horn Flakes brands contain different amounts of “MB-12” and the MillPak which is #1 in the rumen world which aids in hind gut health, digesting improvement and feed placement where needed, which leads to world-class body and antler development.