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Spring Fever

Spring Fever:

Produces an annual mix of forage oats and green foliage. Buckwheat grows well in almost any soil and produces clusters of small white flowers forming triangular shaped black seeds that scatter easily giving access for the seed and stalk feeding. Forage peas offer leafy highly palatable forage with high dry matter yields. An ideal mix for early spring to establish a food source that is available for energy and protein needs for developing antlers and improving doe lactation. Spring Fever is an early maturing crop and a great food source. It enhances soil for fall brassica planting. This mix will grow in a variety of soils and has a low frost tolerance.


Ingredients: Forage Oats, Spring Forage Peas, Buckwheat

Attributes: Very high in carbohydrates, high soluble protein, high tonnage per acre

Soil Types: Widely adapted, pH of 5.2 Maintenance: No maintenance Seeding Rate: 30 - 40 pounds per acre Planting Date: April - June

Planting Depth: ½ - 1 inch